Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame Folding Camp Bed

Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame Folding Camp Bed
Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame Folding Camp Bed Heavy Duty Aluminium Frame Folding Camp Bed
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British Army Issued American Built Aluminium Framed folding Camp Bed
These beds are GRADE A so they are in good fully serviceable condition but will have signs of use, marks, dirt and minor fabric damage etc!  Where necessary they may have undergone fabric repair by a qualified upholsterer.
The beds also now come with our universal end bars as shown in the 3rd picture, the advantaged of these over the original bars are:-
(a) they are shorter so you don't snag on them when you are using the bed in a confined space.
(b) there have been 2 very slight width variations of the beds thoughout the length of production so therefore 2 different lengths of end bars and if you fit the wrong end bars  you will snap off the locating nipples on the end of the bed, so to prevent this happening we have incorporated both variations into one bar!  "Granted if you only use one bed then this will never be a problem but if you have ever filled a bunk house with them you will understand exactly why we have done this!"
Due to being American built these are a good size and very strong (unlike the cheap flimsy rubbish that you can buy online!) I am 6'6" tall and shall we say well built and have had some very comfortable nights sleep on these beds!!
When built they are 195cm long, 70cm wide and stand 50cm tall
Folded they measure 97cm x 19cm x 12 cm
They weigh approximately 8 kg
The beds may differ slightly from the photos as we have quite a few of them and the design has been tweeked slightly over the years of production.  

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